Cabana Rental form

Cabana Reservation Agreement
Heatherwood Lakes


The Resident, by signing this agreement for the reservation of the Cabana, agrees to the following Cabana General Use Policies:

1. Reservations are available for a 4-hour period
2. The Homeowner agrees to comply with all Cabana General Use Policies as defined below.
3. The Homeowner will be present at the event.
4. Events must end no later than dusk as defined on the website and signs posted in the cabana/pool areas.
5. Heatherwood Lakes Association is not liable for anyone participating in the above event, The Resident has insurance and thus will assert no claim of coverage under any of the Association's insurance policies. Proof of insurance is required.
6. The swimming pool, pool areas, and restrooms may be used but must be shared with Heatherwood Lakes residents at all times.
7. Loud sounds emanating from the Cabana is not permitted. The Homeowner agrees to respect the rights of other residents and to control sounds to a nominal level.
8. The Cabana must be left in good condition following the event. A third party, acting on the behalf of the Association, will perform an inspection following an event. The amount of deposit refund will be directly influenced by the third party inspection results.
9. The cabana and pool areas are under 24-hour video surveillance.

Note 1: Failure to comply with the above agreement may result in partial or total loss of the refundable deposit. Should any damage to the cabana exceed the refundable deposit amount, all sums owed as a result of this agreement, or as a result of a breach of this agreement, including interest, costs, attorney's fees, shall be treated as an assessment against the homeowner's Heatherwood Lakes residence for which the Association may exercise its lien/foreclosure or Cabana use suspension authorities. The Homeowner should inspect and document the Cabana condition prior to and after each event.

Reservation Options 

Cabana Use Only: $50.00 deposit, with $25.00 refundable after inspection of the facility following the event. See note 1 above.

Cabana Use and Entertainment Package (TV, Blu-Ray, DVD, WI-FI, Microwave, Refrigerator, and Stereo): $150.00 deposit, with $100.00 refundable after inspection of the facility following the event. See note 1 above.

Please include payment and this form when submitting a reservation request


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